Carolyn Hadeed

Transformational Mentor

"Evolution in Action, is Desire’s Satisfaction
Desires Satisfaction is Perspective’s Attraction
Perspective’s Attraction is Evolution in Action"


Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

My name is Carrie Hadeed and I am here to encourage Empowering,  Mindfulness hacks through refined Self-Control to be able To Use What You Have To Get What You Want And Use What You Want, To Realize What You Have, in order to Achieve Your Desire.

I have a BS Degree in Psychology from Kutztown University and a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification alongside 35+ years of eclectic empirical research qualifying and quantifying experiences, morality, character, humility, humanity, strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, power, honor and discernment to learn the “How To Use the Tools” personally.  I focused on a holistic approach toward healthy, conscious living and the energetic properties of humanity.  I also have extensive exposure to Homeopathic and Naturopathic modalities, considering the Integration of Health, Wellness, Healing, Growth and Transcendence into Conscious Responses, the Heart and Soul of my studies.

I encourage each and every one of you to take marriage seriously, it is a commitment and covenant to be taken to heart, it is an honor and privilege to be respected and appreciated.

I have been blessed by the 25+ years of marriage to my husband, Randy Hadeed, as I have learned more through and with him than all other relationships combined.  I encourage each and every one of you to take marriage seriously, it is a commitment and covenant to be taken to heart, it is an honor and privilege to be respected and appreciated.  Often times we take each other for granted and expect more of them than we are willing to give, this imbalance needs correction for harmony – each person must pull their own weight, especially emotional weight, in the relationship, and be willing and able to handle the hard times together, as a unit, as well as alone, if need be.  This ensures that each person is a whole entity, in and of themselves, when they come together in whatever way they do.  Be patient with yourself, it is a process.  

I would like to especially thank and acknowledge my children, Sophia, Zachary, Elijah and Sarah, for their Full-On, Unwavering connection built on unconditional love, trust and support. The Fierceness of Our Unit combined with the Integrity and Character of who We Are, Motivates me everyday. These amazing young people are the Future of Our Civilization; They will have a profound impact on the Global Front – Always helping the Underdog, knowing “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected” and rising to the challenge for the Greater Good of the Greater Good. There is no greater joy in me than to watch them bloom.

I am a Mom of 4 but a Mama to many. I have had the luxury and privilege of having so many beautiful spirits in my life who live and love with our family while coming from completely different backgrounds and we have all found that we speak the same language. Understanding that we all have the same basic foundational needs allows us confidence in showing interest in the differences in others, to add to our own life – I call that Living Vicariously Through Others.

After Years of Being Absorbed in Growing and “Seeking The Answers”, I surmised it all boiled down to living, learning and healing through love; deciding which road to take and what sacrifice to make when; Letting go and Letting God; Breathing one breath at a time and sharing my heart with who crosses my path. Growing Through Experiences to Gain Insight In Perspective has been my University.

What I learned is how to open up to uncomfortable, unfamiliar experiences and find a way to peace – stumbling at times and flying at others. Finding the balance and feeling what I wanted to feel until I didn’t want to feel it anymore, was the crux of the experience. I studied many ways of thinking, and many modalities, hacks and reality bending concepts that required a suspension of disbelief, trust and faith in the unknown with a focused dedication to the Goal of Conscious Response (responding in a way that will serve your greater good, allowing you to Achieve Your Desire) - The Purpose of learning How to use the Tools. I was not disappointed.

Growing Through Experiences to Gain Insight In Perspective has been my University.

Key requirements for such challenges are Self-Acceptance, Letting Go of what no longer serves you, Courage to grow in the face of leaving loved ones behind, and an ability to forgive to name a few – no manual came with these tools – it was a hands on job but I had to learn how to use each of those tools if I wanted to reach my goal of consciously choosing how I wanted to feel in a moment. I would like to share what I have learned from so many that came before me. My aspiration is to influence and inspire all who want to learn how to control themselves and start living a clearer, more authentic healthy life.

My Spiritual Strength is my Foundation. I trust my instincts innately. I may not have acted on them the way others thought I should, but I always had enough faith to Walk My Walk knowing when to sacrifice and when to stand, a gift I treasure. The foundation is solidified by knowing I chose to remember where I came from, before I came, and that I was blessed with the gifts of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and strength as a reward. Because of that faithfulness, I was shown favor through the experiences of my life, to share what I have learned through Tools For Your Toolbox – TFYT and BIDD FATE.

Be Impeccable With Your Word, Always Do Your Best, Take Nothing Personal, Make No Assumptions.

Here is a gift for you! One of the most effective tools in your toolbox, a Highly Advanced TFYT, is the 4 Toltec Agreements. These are standards to hold yourself to if you want to Achieve Your Desires. If you can incorporate these principles into the fiber of your being, you will feel freedom from the depth of your spirit. Go On, I challenge ya. ;). They are: Be Impeccable With Your Word, Always Do Your Best, Take Nothing Personal, Make No Assumptions.

My Highest Mission is to establish Philanthropic Humanitarianism: A global collective to evolve exponentially in the bridging of needs between Finances and Assistance in Humanitarian Endeavors

to achieve the Greatest Good of the Greatest Good, attracting and engaging like minded people in the process to bring this to Reality. To bridge those who need help with those who can help.

What Matters To You?

TFYT - Tools For Your Toolbox - assist you in coping through challenging moments along your journey.  They are reminders of how Self-Control can assist in refining the only thing you have any Control or Power over, YOURSELF. 


If you Google: Infinity Wave + Atom, you get (E=ˠM0C2)∞

Which is close enough to relate E=MC2 or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which, simply stated, suggests that even small amounts of mass can be converted into enormous amounts of energy, and it is relative to the perception of the observer.  So each perspective, by each person is valid and relative. So, how YOU see it, is what it is.

Get it – It’s all Relative. YOU are Relative.  YOU are Matter.  YOU Matter!!


How this affects you:

The Infinity Wave and The Atom Collaborate with TFYT’s.

Creating Infinite Opportunities in Infinite Time Using TFYT’s.

Anything is Possible.

Your life experiences show you What’s Possible.

Therefore, You are built to expand What’s Possible.

Impossible is a limit you exceed when you transform “Impossible” to “I’m Possible”.

It’s a high Vibrational Frequency.

It’s All Relative.

Vibrational Frequencies are Energy and change with Observation.

Without Observation, there is no Interpretation – Double Slit Experiment.

Observation (Self-Awareness) is the catalyst to Self-Control (Your Actions).

The Energy of Self-Control forms Matter by allowing you to direct your actions into new experiences.

This confirms YOU as Matter.

Therefore, YOU Matter.


Your experiences Matter.

What matters to you?

What matter will you focus on?

Does it matter enough to pursue it?

Focus the energy you have, towards the desire you want, resulting in:

Achieving Your Desire of Conscious Response Ability.


Using a TFYT is to Realizing an Opportunity,


Getting into Action is to Achieving Your Desires


What TFYT’s Logo Represents is YOU having all the tools, time and opportunity necessary to Achieve Your Desires! It validates that YOU are Relative and that YOU Matter! Starting right here and right now just as YOU are. Strengths and Weaknesses, Pro’s and Con’s, Love and Fear. If you Master Self-Control, you can do anything you want. It all starts with YOU.

Carrie Hadeed