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Face Self-Control with Courage

Can you face self-control with courage and confidence?

If you stand in your own courage and confidence, convincing yourself that it is worth the sacrifice to explore and play with self control, you will become more comfortable and familiar with controlling your self when it counts the most.

You will learn gratitude for the struggles you have experienced in order to see how to use those experiences to do something different next time. This is growth.


The ability to reflect back on what you have actually done and learn from it rather than just move forward without a second thought is facilitated by retrospection. Retrospection affords many perspectives to be taken without intense attachments through emotion. TFYT help control emotion though breathwork, intention work and action.

This is the crossroad for those who will grow and those who will not.

Not beating yourself up for the mistakes you have made, but acknowledging, taking accountability and doing what you can to make them right, redeeming yourself -KEY TFYT- allows you to realize the mistake was a stepping stone to do better next time, if you have the courage to look at how you handled it in the past and change within yourself, that which would allow you to avoid making the mistake again, you have grown.

This is what practice, patience, gratitude and self forgiveness shower you with. The rewards are beyond your comprehension, until you comprehend them, and then they are yours for the taking. But, you have to learn all that, in your own time. I pray you are gentle with yourself in the process. TFYT


When is the appropriate time to use these tools? Anytime we feel less than secure in who we are as a person. We could simply feel confused, overwhelmed, stuck or like life has thrown us off the path.


These tools can be used when you become consciously aware of being able to use them.

If we are going to become consciously aware, we must decide to make the choice to be accountable to keeping ourselves in check.

It is a decision that in a moment when life is spiraling, we realize we do not have to spiral with it.



We can remind ourselves that with deep controlled breathing we can center and ground ourselves, pulling our thoughts back into a manageable place, to catch our breath, to up-right ourselves and get back on our feet, to BE our Best Self again, and take our next step, and Your Personal Moral Code of Ethics is your gatekeeper – listen to what is inside you – listen and feel what your response to that information, is. Those feelings will guide you through the sequence of your thoughts.


Keep in mind that the challenge will still have to be dealt with, weather you do it in a helpful state of mind or in a helpless state of mind.

Life does not stop the ride – until you die. The struggles don’t just end, the decisions and interruptions don’t just “go away”. Denial is denial, it speaks for itself. How well you handle yourself through these struggles, will be shown in the responses you receive from others. TFYT


Each of our Journey’s is about how we respond to what we are experiencing. It is our own personal journey.

What are we feeling and where we want to go next is all up to each of us. We have to have the courage and confidence to decide to control ourselves, so that our self-control becomes an asset, and not a liability.


Can you face self-control with courage and confidence?

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