TFYT: Tools for your toolbox that assist you in life
Program: Complete lessons and exercise guides
Mindset: Simple philosophies to live life by
Workshop: Group exercises
Core Foundational Element:



Tools For Your Toolbox (TFYT) Presents BIDD FATE

Tools For Your Toolbox (TFYT) Are Empowering, Mindful Hacks for Conscious Response–Ability.

BIDD FATE: To Bidd Your Fate is, To Issue The Order Of Your Fate.

Using: Beliefs Intensities Degrees Duration
Feelings Actions Thoughts Emotions

Through: Refined Self-Control (The Control Of Self),
Gratitude and Action-Ability – The Ability To Act

Realizing: Your Power in Achieving Conscious Response -Ability!

The goal of BIDD FATE is to offer TFYT’s that assist you in becoming aware of your Beliefs and Thoughts while bringing you into a mindset that allows you to find Your Power through Gratitude and EXPRESS your Refined Self-Control through Action-Ability, resulting in Conscious Response-Ability.

Being Mindful, Grateful and Aware of your past experience lessons is a mindset. It allows you to transform them from Lessons to Blessings, otherwise known as transmutation. This opens up brand new opportunities, which gives you another opportunity to show your mastery of self control. Now, with that wisdom, you can consciously choose what you are going to do in a more intentional way. This wisdom allows you to reprioritize, or redefine, your desires now. This wisdom allows you to be more present and involved in your daily life in a way you were not experiencing before. This wisdom breeds confidence in doing better next time and the courage to follow through. This wisdom reduces guilt, shame and limitations. This can eventually lead to happiness. Refined Self-Control gifts you with an ability to act in a way that will get you what you ultimately want by assisting you in clarifying what it is that you actually want in this moment and if it will get you what you ultimately want. Know you are Loved, Loveable and Worthy with infinite opportunities in infinite time, assisted by BIDD FATE.

Using What You Have To Get What You Want. Using What You Want To Realize What You Have.

Life Lessons + BIDD FATE = Lessons to Blessings
The 1st part of your life is to hold, the next part of your life it to mold.

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