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Mindset: Simple philosophies to live life by
Workshop: Group exercises
Core Foundational Element:


Breathe to Sync Your Bonds

To get into the mindset, start with breath work. Breath work gets the BONDS (body, mind and soul) into alignment, or in sync.

To get into alignment your body, mind and soul must all be in sync with each others energy. Breath work synchronizes them.

Breath Work Exercise:

You are asked to stop what you are doing right now. Focus on your breathing. Shake everything else off and put it aside for now so you can feel present, mindful and pay attention to feeling aligned and grounded.

To the count of 6, take a slow and steady breath in through your nose, filling your lungs, resting into your diaphragm. Hold for the count of 6, while letting go of the tension in your body, especially in your shoulders, jaw and forehead, as you exhale through your mouth. The breath may feel forceful at the small opening and that is Ok. Any Way YOU Breathe is the right way for You. Trust your instincts and follow along to where you find yourself going. Relax and know you are good, right where you are, right now, no worries. Everything is Going To Be Ok. Really Really.

Repeat 6 Times – YES 6. There is a deep vibrational connection to 6 that benefits you beyond the words I could share here. It is necessary to do this 6 times. Maturity will support you in blind faith that it is to your advantage to do (8 is a deeper connection so count you blessings I didn’t ask for 8 times!).

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