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Can You Fly?

Can you fly?


We all experience moments in time when we feel as if parts of our lives have been “wasted” due to circumstances or poor choices. Perhaps those choices were spent in a relationship that was toxic, or with an addiction, or self-blaming for life’s circumstances, or with guilt or in fear to name just a few. For most of us, this may be unconscious. We may not even be aware that we have the capacity to think about this – what “we have been through”. We may see it as the past and “just get over it”. We may think, “it’s over, why am I still living it?”. We may think “how did I get here?”. We may think “we’re stuck”. These awareness are just “there” but, often times, not identifiable. We know it’s true when we hear it, but we never really gave it any thought or took any time to “ponder it” and explore what it might mean to you. To become aware of what has lead us to this moment, gives each of us an opportunity to make a new choice – now.


To realize and become conscious that everything we have been through is a lesson we can grow from, allows us to recognize value and potential in ourselves. Our past experiences, good and bad, have refined us – like coal to a diamond. The refining results in a diamond, the shine depends on you.


It is like a grounded bird. A little bird. A bird that has the capacity to fly and find it’s way back to the “others”, but has been separated and must rely on it’s own instincts and courage, to get back on track. It takes a dedicated determination, motivation, desire, intent, and much more to determine if you float along or if you fly.


It is your choice to float along or to fly.

It is your choice to live in fear or love.

It is your choice to live in denial or acceptance.

It is your choice to exist or to exhilarate.

It is your choice to see life as a catapult or a catalyst.

It is your choice to live in the past or future, or in the present.

Either way, going through the process produces a diamond; whether you shine or not, is also your choice.

The power of thought is your energy. Your creativity. Your future. Your life. The fuel that propels you. The gas in your tank.

That which you think on, is that which you live in.


Understanding this, herein lies the OPPORTUNITY:

To become conscious of the potential to love where you are because of where you have been.

The struggle to learn how to snowboard (which includes time, money, access, the falls, broken bones, sore bodies, embarrassing moments…) allows you to fly through the air. If you didn’t persevere though the learning process you would not have learned how to fly. Otherwise said: If you persevere through the learning process you will fly. (thank you, Zachary)


We are encouraged to give ourselves the opportunity to fly.

Can You Fly?

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