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Challenge Fear

Challenge Fear with a Fear Challenge.

Love or Fear. That’s all there is – on a high enough level.

That’s the challenge. Which do you prefer to live in? The choice is yours.

Fear offers an opportunity to personally challenge yourself to strengthen your survival weaknesses, in the name of loving yourself, to overcome the fears and live freely, thriving. Because YOU said so. Because YOU can. You decide if you live in the fears of “staying safe” or the fears of “leveling up”. You decide because you are the one in charge. You choose which side you are playing on, in your responses to others – the reason it matters – to get a response/reaction from another.

Are you up for the challenge?

Are you challenged with fear?

Are you afraid to identify your weaknesses?

Are your weaknesses to challenging for you?

Are you to weak to challenge your weaknesses?

Are you challenged to find your weaknesses?

Are you able to find the courage and strength to strengthen your weaknesses?

Are you interested?


Think Upon and Ask Yourself:

Can you verbalize your scariest fears?

Can you speak of that which takes your breath away?

Can you actually put words to the feelings, emotions, perceptions and ideas, you have about the fears you have? Can you verbalize your experience into a coherent story? Would you dare?

Can you find the courage to stand up to the thought of identifying and labeling what that fear is?

Can you brace yourself, intently focusing your thoughts on clarifying, what exactly, you are afraid will happen to you if you face your fear?

Can you break your fear down into compartments, desensitize your feelings and lower the intensity of your emotions?

“What?? I can’t do that!
Can I?
I Can.”

Can you?

TFYT Mindset would like to assist you on your journey.


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