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Core Up

CORE UP MINDSET is a conscious and intentional focus on strengthening and maturing a foundational structure that supports you throughout your life. Those foundational structures are Body, Mind & Soul, or BONDS (BOdy, miND, Soul).

BONDSBOdy, miND, Soul are the intrinsic and innate integrations of our body, mind and soul’s personal essence’s, intermingling, resulting in relationships that can be interpreted (no interpretation, without observation – Law of Relativity/Double Split Experiment – hence, judgment is required in determining the degree of alignment you are in at any given moment.). This is our internal judge, conscience, intuition, 6th sense and blessing.

Prioritize to Syncronize and Realize your Humanized.
The connection and alignment of Body, Mind and Soul is identified on a spectrum. This spectrum identifies the degrees of synchronized alignment. The synchronization is measured in terms of emotions and feelings, intensity and duration. When you are “out of sync” you are out of alignment.

How is your alignment?

Is it synchronized?

Is your body, mind and soul in sync with each other, flowing in a high vibration?

What BONDS you?
What BONDS are broken?
What BONDS matter to you?
What are you in bondage of?
What BONDS do you want to deepen?

Coring Up your BONDS is a TFYT that guides you through intentionally becoming aware that you desire to be stronger and more mature in your walk, using what you have to get what you want.

These BONDS are both tangible and intangible, internal and external.

TFYT’s utilized are: Retrospection, Reasonability, Expectation, Appreciation.

If Retrospection shows me Reasonability, my Expectation will be met with Appreciation.

The focus is on intentionally engaging that which supports and strengthens you.

The CORE UP MINDSET offers a new way to use your body during your typical daily activities, by becoming aware of triggers that assist you in establishing new habits and patterns in the way you live your life.

This mindset offers a way to harness self control in a way that validates your sacrifices – your willingness and ability to give first and receive later.

I have BONDS with Faith, Morality and Humanity that empower me to fulfill my desire to be my best self, for me, and use what ever aspect in my being that I need, to assist me in the process. I have an innate understanding that I am connected to and supported by a source greater than just me and we are bound by The Universal Laws. I believe my impact in daily life matters in the bigger picture and that my impact in the bigger pictures, matters. I believe I matter. I believe I can make a difference for the Greater Good. I believe I have a purpose that only I can fulfill, in my own authentic, unique way. I AM ME. WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get. I can survive and thrive. I can sacrifice now rather than later. These are some of the TFYT’s in my personal toolbox that I refined, practiced and mastered the skills in. This is how I know I have matured – I feel it reflected back to me by those impacted by me – my impact matters. And so does yours.

Do you believe these things about yourself? This is the CORE UP Mindset.

Work backwards – Explore the Potential – think about what it is you want to achieve? Stronger muscle, healthier body, clearer mind. Why? To be stronger, healthier, and more focused. If you use your body to its best advantage in all movements it makes, you will increase strength, flexibility, health (body and mind) and feel more powerful, which feeds your soul. Neurobics, epigenetics and an understanding of the significance of neural pathway strengthening, are helpful in the Core Up Mindset.

Understand that time is relevant. What you do with your time, how efficient you are with your time, what your intentions are with your time and what you actually do with your time, are all relevant, we all have 24 hours in a day. How are you going to use yours?

Realize that seconds count. If you understand the 80/20 rule, exponential potential, boundary conditions and quantization (be courageous, look up the words and you will understand what I mean), then you understand that you can invest 20 minutes in an activity or, you can Core Up and do the same activity in 6 seconds with a greater benefit to yourself.

When you are walking through your day thinking about how tired you are, replace those thoughts with a Core Up Mindset and see how different you feel. Different is usually unfamiliar, uncomfortable, out of sync, not the usual, and leads us to move away from the source of dis-ease. The Core Up Mindset wants you to go deeper into that dis-ease until it becomes easy. Balance and intention are key TFYT’s and necessary to advance in the skillset.

Core Up offers empowerment. When you Core Up, you will be stronger, more confident, healthier and happy with your efforts (which is what actually prompts you to continue on your journey).

When you Core Up, you focus your intention into action and hold it there, in a practicing mode, until you create a memory. This can be equated to repetition – like telling yourself that you are loved, loveable and worthy – which creates familiarity, comfort, synchronization and ease, as you now know what to expect, from having practiced.

The more you practice, the stronger the neural connections become. The memory becomes more vivid, more stable, easier to recall, more familiar to experience, more resonant with your Being, more in sync with who you are now.

When the memories, or new activities practiced, and become a regular part of your daily life, stress is reduced as expectations are met, self-confidence and courage expand to other aspects of your life they were previously lacking in, and you find a new motivation to continue engaging in those activities.

The same premise applies to the physical body and the mental mind. Muscle has memory. The body and brain are muscles that have the opportunity to be exercised and strengthened for your greater good. If you understand what that means, you understand that you can decide to do something, anything, and begin to practice doing it until a memory is created, and then expand it until it becomes familiar, comfortable and a part of the new you.

You will build from there as you begin to realize how many opportunities throughout the day you can incorporate this mindset. The time spent doing this, is the time spent practicing. If you do it, you are practicing. If you don’t, you are not. Be gentle on yourself, encourage yourself to engage again, each time you remember to. It doesn’t have to be all at once – it can be every time you think of it which will eventually become the majority of your day.

Understanding that the work must be done from the inside out, you start with you and your thoughts, not with what others think you should be. When you do the inside work, you start to see the results in intangible ways. In the beginning, you must have faith in yourself to continue even though you may not see the results immediately, but in time, you will notice small changes, little improvements that may seem insignificant in the moment, but when accumulated, result in a bigger change than you recognized in each day. This is how you know you are progressing and evolving – you feel it.

Nothing worth having, comes easy. Yes or yes? And when you do see the results, having done the inside work first, you are now awesome on the outside too. It’s like magic. All of a sudden you see the fruits of your labor, and they will be abundant.

The two hardest aspects of Core Up are to remember to Core Up and to stop feeling silly about actually doing it.

Coring Up your Body:
It’s all in the tightening of the core muscle system (abdomen, butt, kegels, and thighs) and branching out by tightening muscles around and then farther out yet again until you reach fingertip and toes. The intention is to allow the muscles to practice being in a contracted position, to build and strengthen the neural pathways through new habitiual behaviors. Breathwork is essential and exponentially enhances the process.

Coring Up your Mind:
Your Tongue Can Be Your Worst Enemy:
Your words, your dreams, and your thoughts have power to create conditions in your life. What you speak about, you can bring about.

Turn your thoughts and conversations around to be more positive and power packed with faith, hope, love and action. Don’t be afraid to believe that you can have what you want and deserve.

Watch your Thoughts, they become Words.
Watch your Words, they become Actions.
Watch your Actions, they become Habits.
Watch your Habits, they become Character.
Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny.

Coring Up your Soul:
Your Soul is the essence of Love and Worthiness. The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.

In the search for Me, I discovered Truth. In the search for Truth, I discovered Love.
In the search for Love, I discovered GOD.
And in God, I have found Everything.

Be Blessed. Accept the blessings offered to you and use them to become your best self.

Watch how your circumstances and situation begin to change when you change the way you speak.

When you are triggered to respond to something, (perhaps a bad habit) allow that old bad habit, to become a new trigger and reminder to Core Up. The emotion could be tired, hungry, bored, angry, unsettled or anything that happens to you and creates a “charge” in you. You must decide that you want to change the way you are doing things now, in order to be able to do things differently in the future. The future is defined by the decisions you make in the present moment – in the NOW. You do this for you. This is just for “ME”.

There are so many places you can incorporate Core Up, but truly the hardest part is to start. When you believe in what you are worth and define yourself, you will be inspired. You will see the strength come in ways you never imagined. Be forgiving of yourself. You are a work in progress. You are already paid for. You need to be willing to open your mind to the idea that you can dictate a new story for yourself. You get to decide how the story goes. You get to be a missionary opening up opportunities for others to receive your goodness. But only when you forgive yourself for all the failures you perceive that you have. No one else may think of them as failures but if you do, there is nothing anyone else will be able to do for you. It is your call. Self-defeat is lacking the self confidence to complete the task at hand.

Enjoy the process. It took me about a year to really put it into effect where I definitely saw the results and attributed my new body to the “non-exercises” that I did. Then, once I got serious in Jan. 2008, by September I had lost 21 pounds and my husband and I agreed that I had lost to much, and actually had to cut back and start eating more – the bottom line was, I felt better than I ever had and looked better than I did 25 years ago (the 50+ years are the best so far – confidence beats the scale any day of the week!! I wouldn’t trade where I am now for anything. You will find the right place for yourself and begin to feel more powerful. You will begin to notice and comprehend what Your Power actually is, and utilize it in a way you didn’t know before.

Health and strength for body, mind and soul are what allow you to live the life you want. Without doing what is best for you, you will not be able to give the best of you.

There is a key concept in Air Flight Safety that if your airplane is going down, and the oxygen masks are released, put yours on first and then help your dependent. This is important. How can you help anyone else if you are useless? Digest that.

The concept of Core Up is to start with the inside. Think of a tree. It begins with a seed – tiny, seemingly insignificant, (as in the small contractions made to core-up and the few seconds it takes to do it), needing only to be planted (as an idea in the mind), watered (as in feeding the body, mind and soul with positive encouragement) and placed in the sun (as in turning to the Lord for life). The tree grows with time and care and establishes roots (as does the body, mind and soul develop when new thoughts, practices, and habits take root). The tree grows stronger with more time and one day, bears fruit (as does the body mind and soul mature with wisdom and patience and then live, breathe, and move forward in health and strength which is the fruit of life).

We need to understand that what is inside is what comes outside. If the fruit on a tree is bad, or sparse, treating the fruit will not solve the problem because the problem is from within – to treat the roots (with nourishment) is to get to the “root” of the problem – to core up and treat the body, mind and soul well, by strengthen the muscles (with tightening), mind (focus on the idea that you create your own truth and can set your mind on the right track by thinking thoughts that build you up and support your success) and soul (understanding your Higher Power) you will succeed.

A year after I began Core Up, I was given the opportunity to meet John Schaeffer (Winning Factor), an Olympian Trainer that I, then, had the privilege of training with for 3 years, as one of his few non-athletes.

This was life changing. I became exposed to an entirely new way of living, thinking and being. Thank you John Schaeffer.

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