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I AM is Central Nervous System work, utilizing your thoughts and beliefs, providing an opportunity to realign yourself back to harmony and balance.

What is I AM?
By Carrie Hadeed – Transformational Mentor


I AM is central nervous system work, utilizing your thoughts and beliefs, providing an opportunity to realign yourself back to harmony and balance.

I AM works through acceptance and gratitude for what you have experienced, bringing you to where you are now.

I AM requires a strong and stable core, to be willing to notice, comprehend and process appropriately, what rises up in you, when your thoughts are engaged.

I AM work requires you to pay attention to your own feelings, triggers, emotions and fears, in order to explore them, identify the issue, accept it as what is, and be inspired towards a solution.

I AM is personal. It is for you to expand the relationship you have with yourself in order to free yourself and others from your burdens and obstacles.

I AM work is built upon our emotional health. Our emotional health is impacted by the reflections we receive from others, in their responses to us. What we present to them, is processed through their own value system and responded to accordingly. What we receive from them, is their perception of our response through their own value system.

I AM requires you to evaluate who you engage with in the process of self-evaluation. If you evaluate yourself against a value system that differs in standard from yours, your results may be skewed.

I AM identifies our limitations, fears, hopes and dreams.

I AM offers an opportunity to slow down when triggered.

I AM requires you to trust yourself to handle whatever emotions and feelings come up when you engage with “I AM”.

I AM offers an opportunity to accept your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions, internally while loving, apologizing, accepting and thanking yourself for having experienced them. Gratitude emerges.

This acceptance is what opens the door to feeling accepted.

It is in the willingness to accept, that acceptance can be received.

It is in the belief that you deserve to receive, that brings the reception.

It is in the ability to persevere through the challenges of figuring things out that you learn the lessons.

It is in the learning of lessons that we accumulate the thoughts and beliefs we have. Making sense of the meanings, consequences, sacrifices, rewards and results is you journeys walk.

How you walk your walk will directly impact how you will feel.

Retrospection, looking back on your experiences and evaluating your actions, allows you to decide how you are going to act in the present moment. This is the teacher – comprehending how you are going to walk your walk now, with greater success.

Realization of past mistakes is the catalyst to avoiding them in the future.

It is your personal privilege and responsibility to realize what you have done, to be able to use it to do what you want to do now.

I AM is a vibrational frequency that entrains your body, mind and spirit in cohesive harmony with your cellular and molecular biology.

This vibrational frequency requires you to do the internal work of identifying and overcoming your personal challenges through loving, forgiving, accepting and thanking yourself for your experiences, knowing that you are loved, lovable and worthy.

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