TFYT: Tools for your toolbox that assist you in life
Program: Complete lessons and exercise guides
Mindset: Simple philosophies to live life by
Workshop: Group exercises
Core Foundational Element:


Rules of Engagement

What are TFYT MINDSET Rules of Engagement?

Purpose: To Decide to Believe In and Commit To holding yourself Accountable to Your Personal Moral Code of Ethics for Harmony

(5 key TFYT’s) using the following thoughts:
I believe Harmony is attainable with adherence to the boundaries.
I AM willing and able to be grateful for where I am right now.
I have everything I need to start right now – Your Power BONDS (body, mind & soul).
I believe I have the Ability to Consciously Respond – both in word and in action.
I AM interested in becoming consciously aware of what I AM thinking, believing, saying and doing now, and how it will impact me in the future.
I believe that feeling loved, loveable, worthy, respected and appreciated are essential requirements for healthy living.
I believe physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and financial aspects of my being exist and require appropriate attention for healthy living.
I believe in a Personal Moral Code of Ethics.
I believe in a common goal for the greater good.
I AM willing and able to concede egotism
I AM willing and able to rationally and maturely, engage with my emotions.
I AM willing and able to refine my ability to control myself maturely.
I AM willing and able to express my refined self control and maturity.
I AM willing and able to grow and evolve.
I AM willing and able to distance toxic people from my life.
I AM willing and able to reason.
I AM willing and able to see the bigger picture.
I AM willing and able to do what I don’t want to do.
I AM willing and able to enjoy the fruits of my labor with bliss.
I have a desire to succeed and respect myself when I overcome challenges.
I choose preparedness over randomness.
I aspire to be Maturely and Morally Accountable to feeling Worthy as I continue to live a full life – hardest rule on this list.

This mindset becomes Your Personal Moral Code of Ethics and carries with it an essence of characteristics and consequences inherent in the words used.

A mindset is likened to the frame that contains the puzzle pieces (each of your life experiences) in order to show you the bigger picture of your life.

This is a mindset. A set of parameters or beliefs you choose, that offer established standards you respect. These parameters allow you to measure yourself against standards you want to represent physically to the external world and justify their worthiness.

The perspectives and boundaries created by this established value, is the measure against which you can judge your own desires. If you want to feel worthy of maintaining your personal moral code, you must be honorable in your integrity and resist your desires that fall below the standard set forth in your chosen values.

When perspectives and boundaries are clear, it is easier to rationalize your choices in order to make decisions on what you will physically do, based on how you evaluated the potential outcome.

The goal of thinking your desire out from clear perspectives, allows your evaluation to include the impact your decision will have on the external world, and thus, estimate what will be reflected back to you in others interpretation of you, based on their own observations.

Rationally evaluating all of the variables allows a higher probability of accurate predictability that your estimation actually results in the physical outcome you anticipated. CAVEAT: When you underestimate a variable, your results will inherently reflect it.

Do you want to feel those feelings physically? Then do what you desire, physically. That’s it.


Are you sure you calculated all the variables correctly? Did you double check yourself for error? Are you confident that the physical dimension will accurately produce what the energetic dimension predicted? Are you certain you didn’t miscalculate or underestimate anything? Are you going to “claim” you made a mistake? Are you going to hide behind immaturity and try to play off that you were not able to predict something so obvious to others? Do you really want people to think you are that immature in your thought process? Or don’t you care? Now, maybe. Be forewarned though, you may care later. Anyway…

Ok, then go, understanding that once you physically do it, it can not be undone.

That’s the basics in a nutshell.

CAVEAT: Underestimating a variables impact can significantly skew your final results. REMEMBER: The significance in this is, the impact on them, will eventually comes back to you, in their response to you. That is The Universal Law of Karma.

Example: Do you Engage at Zero Intensity, Full Tilt or somewhere in the middle? (Engage and Speak the Language). This level of intensity is what drives our ability to engage in the action.

The scales Used To Measure where you are and If Your Heading In The Direction You Want look like these:

Extreme <——> CENTER <——> Extreme
It’s Not <—> It Is <—> It’s Not Bad <—> Good <—> Bad Run Forest Run <—> Stand Your Ground <—> Run Forest Run Saturated <—> I Understand <—> Saturated Papa Bear <—> Baby Bear <—> Mama Bear Less <—> Satisified <—> More Survive <—> Thrive <—> Overdrive

Through Your Senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, sensitivities) You can tell if you are feeling Love or Fear (good or bad).

Love feels good – safe, secure, and peaceful, even heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenal system are all stable. Fear feels like you are heading down a spiraling toilet. Racing heart, Pressure, anxiety, headaches, gastro issues. You also have an opportunity to Experience the Senses at different levels, tolerances and thresholds just for the sake of feeling them.

Sometimes the price you pay is higher than you expected and you find yourself unprepared for what is happening. This is your impact playing out.

There is a lot of room in between those examples. So, there is a lot of room for a lot of experiences. This range is what offers “Variety as the Spice of Life”.

Where and How you travel along in your day to day life, will determine what experiences you will have. How far into the future you look and with what probability of precision, can assist you in determining what effect your impact will have on you later. TFYT – this is where it is beneficial for you to reference back on and use past experiences to assist you in future decisions, or Retrospection.

DISCLAIMER: Experiences are neutral on a high enough level. They can be viewed retrospectively with different emotions and from different perspectives.

Extremes are extremes, hence Extreme. Center is Center, Balance.

The maturity and refinement comes in when you combine the lessons of “Past Experiences” to Decision Making Now and respect your decisions as desirable.

Past Experience is A Good Guide on Future Decisions. Intuition is your Friend and if you listen, Gratitude will emerge. DISCLAIMER: PEOPLE CAN CHANGE UNEXPECTEDLY. TFYT

What Do You Do Now?

Here are steps to take to:
Define What You Want. Specify and Detail It In Writing – Hand writing is essential!
Verbalize your Intention – yes, say it out loud
Think About Having It And FEEL What That Would Feel Like. See yourself after you experience your desire and are looking back on the experience. Identify the impact of your actions using retrospection and identify how you feel looking back on it. If you are satisfied with your feelings, proceed, if not, re-evaluate your desire.
Work on a Plan of Action to get What You Want and build energy up under it to motivate yourself to keep going. Hype Up, Get Stoked, Rock and Roll Baby! Prioritize it. Be Creative.
Rally a Support System. Who can help you? Who is in your Village?
Define your 1st, 2nd and 3rd steps?
Take Your 1st step.
Is it leading to what you want? If yes, continue. If No, Reevaluate and repeat the process.

What’s Your Story? How do you identify yourself? What do you feel? What are your triggers? What are your insecurities and fears? What makes YOU Tick? What beliefs do you have? What Thoughts form from your Belief System? How do you emote those thoughts? How do you handle balance and intensity?

Who Are You Being? Are You Living For You? Do You know who you are? Do you know what you like and don’t like? Do you know what you want to do and what you don’t want to do? Do you know how to say No? Do you know how to say yes? Do you know what rights you have? Do you know you have a support system? Who is a Mentor to you? Are They Worthy of Your Trust?

The Sensitivities, 6th Senses, help to explore how to use What We Have, To Get What We Want.

What determines what incoming information is accepted and what information is denied? How is that decision made? When someone tells you something, how do you decide how you feel about it? Why do you answer the way you do? I think it’s because of what we believe.

DISCLAIMER: Very Important TFYT is to Define Your Words. Definitions, interpretations, meanings and experiences are as varied as there are people who have lived them. If you are not speaking the same language, you are reducing the probability of connecting in sync. How well You Use the Tools In Your Toolbox will directly effect your end result to Getting What You Want. What you learn in the process of using the tools, is experience and skill refinement. What you are gifted with for your efforts, is maturity and a more Refined Conscious-Response-Ability. TFYT Mindset welcomes you.

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