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Mindset Introduction

TFYT Mindset Introduction

It is in Your Power To Effect Change Through The Impact of Your Words and Actions if you consciously chose to.

How are you effecting that change? Who are you Being in character and integrity? Are you willing and able to take responsibility for and be accountable to being the cause of an impact? Do you desire Harmony for all?

What BONDS (body, mind, spirit connection) do you have? BONDS are a symphony of actions and impacts; beliefs, emotions and feelings; Acceptance and Judgments culminating into an experience, innately judged against Your Personal Moral Code of Ethics, which gives you perspective on your decisions.

What does a Mindset utilizing Your Personal Moral Code of Ethics and Harmony have to offer?

It offers an intentional, conscious choice to decide what influences and rules you are going to value while committing to honoring and following Your Moral Code because you understand the consequences caused by the infraction itself, effect judgment, justification, acquittal and condemnation upon you, yourself. Ask yourself: Are you making conscious choices or indulging impulses?

Natural Consequences and The Universal Laws of Cause and Effect, Karma & Polarity, are good resources to gain knowledge from.

CAVEAT: What is intended to be felt and what is actually felt may differ. Also, what is intended to be received, may be perceived differently than what was intended. Lots of challenges and pitfalls occur when these scenarios are presented.

What provokes you? What’s provocative to you? How do you respond?

A mindset establishes the rules, perspectives, boundaries and consequences, you measure yourself against when evaluating and determining Self Worthiness and Value, now and in the bigger picture. Maintaining boundaries is an adherence to being harmonic.

Minding Your Mindset is where Your Power comes in.

This measurement or evaluation, is equated with your self esteem, self respect and self confidence. This evaluation happens through an involuntary process in the neural pathways of our brain from our subconscious mind and we feel it in our bodies – bio-molecularly, we may not know where it came from but we know it when we feel it.

Body, Mind and Soul are aligned when these feelings are good, and unaligned when these feelings are bad – just a gauge and measure for you to use in your travels – TFYT.

Your Personal Moral Code of Ethics – Your Core Beliefs – are the Judges and Juries of your Mind’s Eye – your conscience and counsel, so to speak. They determine how you feel about yourself when held accountable to a high standard. They are the voices in your head telling your what you believe your worth and value are. They can be your Inner Critic, Your Nasty Voice, Your Self-Saboteur, Your Ego, They can be the Devil or the Angel, They can be honorable or dishonorable. They can have good intentions or bad intentions. They can be worthy of listening to or undesirable and, of no value at all. There are no limitations to what your experiences can be.

That is your challenge in life – find the ones worthy of listening to and resist those that are not, this will exponentially lead you to preparing for your best life, while being as prepared as you can for the impact you are creating along the way by resisting those voices and staying on your own worthy path.

Those voices in your head are what is giving you confirmation and validation that what you think you are thinking is ok to say or do, or not. It is where you are getting your sense of whether something is going to work out good for you if you do it, or if it is going to be very bad for you if you do it.

These judgments determine your sense of self esteem, self respect and self confidence. Whether you play by the rules and hold yourself accountable or you decide to cheat and play the system for what you can get from it, directly impacts you and innately identifies you as having done it – it’s now permanent. Understand that Karma is A Universal Law and physics exists regardless of our human beliefs. These are the rules, perspectives and boundaries that now frame your story in the TFYT Mindset.

Perspectives and rationales influence the thought and decision making process encouraging and strengthening neural activity, creating new habits.

They clarify your understanding of what is right and wrong according to you and your established values.

These are absolute objective measures you aspire to represent and thrive in.

This essence carries a strict set of established rules and standards that you have consciously decided to believe in, live by and hold yourself accountable to, for the Inherent Benefit of Feeling Worthy and Valuable for meeting or exceeding such a high standard in your Walk.


“Evolution in Action, is Desire’s Satisfaction
Desires Satisfaction is Perspective’s Attraction
Perspective’s Attraction is Evolution in Action”

Carrie Hadeed

“Going After your desire”, satisfies your desire to go after it.

Also true:

Evolution in Action, Desires Satisfaction of Perspectives Attraction.

“To go after your desire”, Perspectives Attraction must be satisfied. How bad do you want it? What price are you willing to pay?

Meeting, exceeding or falling short of The Standard becomes a personal measure of the Value you assign yourself.

By achieving those respected high standards, you feel valuable which promotes feeling loved, lovable and worthy. When you fall short of The Standard you feel ashamed, hindering feelings of love and worthiness. This is a true measure of who you value yourself to be. It is a personal valuation. Each of us has this opportunity.

Feeling Worthy is what allows us the ability to move forward with a sense of Value. A sense of Value reinforces your courage and confidence to live life fully.

These are the Golden Rules against which you have committed to measuring your desires to determine if they are worthy of carrying out, in the TFYT MINDSET.

The reward for measuring your desire against your moral code and resisting that which is not worthy, is a feeling of WORTHINESS. You will FEEL WORTHY of having achieved all that YOU Value in measuring up. You feel the presence of respect, appreciation and love. It represents you. A sense of Worthiness. What we ultimately strive for, we must give ourselves first, in order to be able and willing to receive it from others. This is a paradox, and challenging to clearly understand until you become self-aware and able to see it’s value.

When you hold yourself accountable to the measure of your moral code, your physical experience can be predicted with a high probability of accuracy based on your energetic experience.

If you attach emotion and passion to the energetic feelings and focus on them with attention and deliberate action, you can feel them physically – thus, the Ultimate Goal, to feel what you want to feel physically, and still feel worthy.

Walking your walk in the physical world, in accordance with these values, feels good – now and later. Walking your walk in the physical world, in discord with these values, may feel good now, but it may not feel good later.

Evaluating the full impact your decision will have on you, before physically doing it, affords you an opportunity to rethink your plan of action if it will lead to you eventually feeling bad.

Whether you choose to walk the path of your chosen moral code or not, is a choice you have to make when you know your desire does not meet the standards of your moral code. This is called a crossroad. When you are at a crossroad, ask yourself who you want to be known for and the answer will appear, like it or not. This is your intuition speaking to you. If you trust yourself and love yourself enough to do what you know is right for you, you will have your answer.



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