TFYT: Tools for your toolbox that assist you in life
Program: Complete lessons and exercise guides
Mindset: Simple philosophies to live life by
Workshop: Group exercises
Core Foundational Element:


Meaning of TFYT

TFYT – Tools For Your Toolbox

TFYT’s assist you in coping through challenging moments along your journey. They are reminders of how Self-Control can assist in refining the only thing you have any Control of Power over, YOURSELF.

Carrie Hadeed

If you Google: Infinity Wave + Atom, you get (E=ˠM0C2)∞

Which is close enough to relate E=MC2 or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which, simply stated, suggests that even small amounts of mass can be converted into enormous amounts of energy, and it is relative to the perception of the observer.  So each perspective, by each person is valid and relative. So, how YOU see it, is what it is.

Get it – It’s all Relative. YOU are Relative.  YOU are Matter.  YOU Matter!

How this affects you:

The Infinity Wave and The Atom Collaborate with TFYT’s

Creating Infinite Opportunities in Infinite Time Using TFYT’s.

Anything is Possible.

Your life experiences show you What’s Possible.

Therefore, You are built to expand What’s Possible.

Impossible is a limit you exceed when you transform “Impossible” to “I’m Possible”.

It’s a high Vibrational Frequency.

It’s All Relative.

Vibrational Frequencies are Energy and change with Observation.

Without Observation, there is no Interpretation – Double Slit Experiment

Observation (Self-Awareness) is the catalyst to Self-Control (Your Actions).

The Energy of Self-Control forms Matter by allowing you to direct your actions into new experiences.

This confirms YOU as Matter.

Therefore, YOU Matter.


Your experiences Matter.

What matters to you?

What matter will you focus on?

Does it matter enough to pursue it?

Focus the energy you have, towards the desire you want, resulting in:

Achieving Your Desire.

Using a TFYT              is to     Realizing an Opportunity, as

Getting into Action    is to     Achieving Your Desires

What TFYT’s Logo Represents is YOU having all the tools, time and opportunity necessary to Achieve Your Desires! It validates that YOU are Relative and that YOU Matter! Starting right here and right now just as YOU are. Strengths and Weaknesses, Pro’s and Con’s, Love and Fear. If you Master Self-Control, you can do anything you want. It all starts with YOU.

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