TFYT: Tools for your toolbox that assist you in life
Program: Complete lessons and exercise guides
Mindset: Simple philosophies to live life by
Workshop: Group exercises
Core Foundational Element:


Vibe Shifting

U sing what you already have that, with the help of TFYT for practice and mastery, to get what you want.

Life is lived from Beliefs and Thoughts.

Change your Beliefs and Thoughts, change your Experiences.

Change your Experiences, change your Feelings and Emotions.

Change your Feelings and Emotions, change your Responses.

Change your Responses, change your Opportunities.

Accepting Opportunities, changes your Experiences.

Changed Experiences, changes your Beliefs. TFYT

What do you want? Is it of integrity?

If yes, then…

If no, then…

The unavoidable truth is that life is unpredictible. We do not live in theory, we live in reality. The more we take on – the more people involved, networks, systems, and other third-party resources – the more complex things get and the higher the probability the end result will be less predictable. TFYT

To cope with failures, TFYT’s provide coping skills you can master to assist you in restarting when unpredictability strikes – loss, death, realization that life is not what you thought it was going to be along with coping methods and foundational principles to go back to when things get to overwhelmingly complex. Returning to homeostasis. Just Breath. Survive – Thrive – Overdrive.

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